Company history

Bohlen Handel GmbH was originally founded in 1978 as the international trading instrument for the Bohlen Industrie/WASAG Chemie activities.


Bohlen Industrie has been active in the field of explosives as well as related products for more than 100 years.


Bohlen Handel has its headquarters in Essen, Germany. The company is responsible for the planning and sales of pumping vehicles for surface/underground operation. In addition, Bohlen Handel GmbH plans and assembles plants that produce explosive emulsions for the mining / raw materials industry. Furthermore Bohlen Handel offers services around the industry for explosive emulsions.

Due to the positioning of the associated companies of the von Bohlen und Halbach Group, there are particularly decisive synergies between the companies Bowas-Induplan, DMP and Bohlen Handel. Both Bowas-Induplan and DMP have been active in plant engineering for the explosives industry for over 50 years. Bohlen Handel can draw on 30 years of experience in the civil explosives sector. DMP and Bohlen Handel GmbH both concentrate on the civil explosives sector, whereby DMP is active in the African and South-East Asian region and Bohlen Handel concentrates geographically on Eastern Europe and Russia.