Vehicular System

for the Pumping and Sensitizing of

Emulsions Explosives

RPT (Repumpable-Tunneling System)

premixed emulsion (in plants) and sensitizing on-site underground 

MEMU Features


    • System is completely MEMU certified
    • System adaptable to most chassis from all suppliers; current available standard is built on SCANIA.
    • Key Components (such as pumps) customizable to match individual requirements.
    • From two up to four components (matrix, AN prills, aluminum powder, pre-oiling)
    • Adjustable production rate: to up to 300 kg/min (standard 100kg/min)
    • Capacity: up to 18tons due to new design
      • Repumpable (RP)
      • Loading distance 20-80 meters, (others on demand), • Hose diameter from 0,5 inch to 2 inch.

MEMU Features


    • Dosing of all relevant product components is monitored and controlled by electronic instruments such as mass-flow meters. 
    • Hand-picked choice of materials for the complete equipment based on experience and special considerations in order to ensure long lasting and reliable durability! 
    • (f.i. stainless steel and special plastic components such as PP HD and PEEK) 
    • Arctic version: Optional complete Isolation of vessels and hatches ensures workability in
      any environment of -40°C to +50°C (Aluminum Emulsion tank can be supplied for Scandinavia)

Safety Systems as per MEMU / ADR 

  • Mechanical and electronic safety control for pressure and temperature

  • Automatic fire extinguishing system (ANSUL)

  • Redundant design of all relevant control systems

  • Rupture discs

User friendly features

  • Easy access to relevant equipment and instruments

  • High pressure cleaner included

  • „Self-cleaning“ tank-shape

  • Closed and secured stowage and control elements

  • Design concept allows quick replacement of relevant components for on-site repairs.

  • Network / Internet access to all control and monitoring systems


Bowas Pumping Vehicles Brochure