Since its development in the 1980s, emulsion explosives have largely displaced the use of other explosives in the commercial market worldwide.

The advantages of this technology over conventional explosives (e.g. dynamite) are:

o Very high handling safety during production and transport (insensitive to impact and friction)

o No explosive properties during production and transport when used as "bulk" emulsion (emulsion to be pumped into the borehole)

o Raw materials are not explosives

o Blasting properties can be "tailored" to given needs by adapting the formulation

o High cost efficiency


The portfolio of Bohlen Handel includes the following products and services:


1. plants for the production of emulsions / emulsion explosives

2. supply of special motor vehicles / motor vehicle superstructures for opencast mining (MEMU)

3. supply of special motor vehicles for underground mining and pumping units

4. supply of equipment for logistic support (e.g. supply stations, transport and storage containers)

5. services around plants and machines for the production of emulsions / emulsion explosives

6. consulting and procurement of services for setting up and operating blasting operations, etc.

7. services and consulting for approval and certification of machines and products


We expertly offer complete solutions, whether you require a full service or assistance in a limited area.

This includes:

o Feasibility Studies
o Basic and Detailed Engineering
o Quality control
o Training and transfer of skills
o Technical assistance during installation, commissioning and start-up o Transfer of Technology
o Consultation on the related fields


Our state of the art machinery is guaranteed the best on the market, offering the most recent technology as well as the best safety features.