Underground Charging

Vehicles (UCU)


for Emulsion Explosives/ Matrix

Underground Charging Vehicles - Features

  • All vehicles can be adjusted completely to suit individual requirements
  • Heavy duty chassis design and size customizable
  • Key components such as Engine, axis, gearbox can vary according to logistical requirement.
  • System can be operated with electric or hydraulic drive.
  • Compact design can be adjusted and built for special applications (f.i. railway mountedsystem) Pumping Unit can be supplied and operated as stand-alone system (f.i. tunneling)
  • One or two lines with standard loading capacity of 50-70 kg/min. Higher capacity onrequest. Different gassing systems to meet all site conditions and regulation requirements.
  • Pumping and sensitizing of al kinds of emulsion (viscosity up to 400.000 m a s ) Horizontal pumping up to 100 meters (longer hose possible)
    Vertical borehole charging up to 60 meters (higher distances on demand)
  • Inner hose diameter standard 1inch.
  • Build-in special encoder measures unreeled hose length and borehole depth (enables borehole loading by depth control)
  • Camera system allows 360° surround view
  • Battery independent, heavy duty remote control
  • Safety Systems- integrated and optional
  • Mechanical and electronic safety control for pressure and temperature
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system (ANSUL)
  • Redundant design of all relevant control systems
  • Rupture discs
  • FOPS 60kJ operator cells
  • Pressure cabin for operator
  • Aircondition and cleaning system
  • gas sensor and alarm

Special Pusher features:

  • more than 60m vertical pumping Pullback
  • Controlled partial borehole loading for smooth blasting • Automatic LoadIng



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