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Bohlen Handel GmbH is an engineering company that provides planning, conceptual design, supply and services related to the construction of plants and machinery, related to blasting in the stone and earth industry.

Engineering and manufacturing of plants for the production of emulsion explosives and related products are implemented within the existing capabilities and capacities of the companies of Bohlen Industrie GmbH and in cooperation with other suppliers.

Bohlen Handel GmbH uses high quality components and parts, machines "Made in Germany and EU"; special parts are mainly sourced from Germany and in cooperation with European partners. We use stainless steel only, our plants run on the latest state of the art automation, are highly efficient and heated elaborately. In addition, Bohlen Handel GmbH possesses unique process know-how in terms of the operability of the plant. Our full spectrum delivers a "state of the art" product that is superior to that of the competition.

The distribution of Bohlen Handel GmbH is done by BOWAS-TEC GmbH.

The wide range of recipes and adjustable setting make this type of explosive suitable for most kinds of civil blasting operations and perfectly adjustable to surrounding soil and rock conditions.

Emulsion Explosives have now proven to be the most cost efficient and safe solution for most civil blasting operations. Emulsion is based on a production and mixing process using easily accessible raw materials, mainly Ammonium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrate, Oil, Emulsifier and Paraffin, Wax, and/or other additives.