Manufacturing Plants

for Emulsion Explosives


Emulsion Explosives Production

for Industrial Applications

The long-standing, conventional process know-how of Bohlen Handel forms an important basis for the planning and construction of EMX production plants.

Engineering and manufacturing of the emulsion plants are implemented within the existing capabilities and capacities of the companies of Bohlen Handel GmbH and in cooperation with other suppliers.

Bohlen Handel GmbH also offers modernization and extension of existing plants.The sales volume per plant can vary considerably and depends on capacity, equipment and agreed services on site. The price per plant is between 1.400.000 - 4.500.000 EURO.

The description of the technology used can be found in the technical description of a typical plant (in the download area).

State of the Art

The offered State in the Art Emulsion Production Plant is based on more than 30 years of experience of well-known European producer of military and industrial explosives as well as 35 years of experience and “know-how” of Italian, German company’s - the biggest former producers of emulsion explosives in Central Europe.

The Emulsion Production Plant is an excellent example of high European standards and joins European technologies. This Plant is designed to ensure production of modern emulsion explosives, especially with variability of the product availability and high level of the process control.

The Emulsion Production Plant

The offered BULK EMULSION plant technology represents one of the most modern technological lines of this kind in the world. Its 20 equivalents were successfully launched in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Spain, Czech Republic, Croatia, Sweden, Estonia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Argentina, Mexico, Switzerland, Ukraine and Vietnam in recent years. (famous companies)


All tanks and piping provided have

  • Stainless steel, weighing and heating coils, where needed

  • PT 100 and Control System

  • Piping and Valves heated when needed

  • Insulation when needed

Emulsion Explosives

Emulsion Explosives have now proven to be the most cost efficient and safe solution for most civil blasting operations. Emulsion is based on a production and mixing process using easily accessible raw materials, mainly Ammonium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrate, Oil, Emulsifier and Paraffin, Wax, and/or other additives.

The wide range of recipes and adjustable setting make this type of explosive suitable for most kinds of civil blasting operations and perfectly adjustable to surrounding soil and rock conditions.